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‘hello me’ Saturday retreat, June 29th 13.30 -17.30

Join our ‘hello me’ Saturday retreat the ideal space to turn down the volume on life’s daily chaos and discover what you want more of in life and what’s really important to you right now.

In our bustling day-to-day life, we juggle work, to-do lists, family, and relationships, trying to get everything done that needs to be done. Before long, we are running on auto-pilot, losing sight of what really matters. Sound familiar?

But imagine what could happen if you stopped, paused and simply gave yourself the chance to unwind.

We’re Annie and Susana, trained passionate, qualified coaches. We believe that by creating small daily ‘hello me’ moments, we all have the chance to build a more fulfilling life. So, we created the ‘hello me’ Saturday retreat, blended our favorite coaching practices with creative activities to create a fun, immersive, and hands-on afternoon, designed to help you rediscover and reconnect with your genuine self and say a big hello to the ‘YOU’ of today.

You’ll walk away with a deeper connection and insights into:

  • Your core values
  • Your strengths
  • Your life purpose
  • Mini-mindful practices to use in your daily life

Are you too busy to join us? Then this retreat ‘should’ definitely be on your ‘to do’ list. It’s time to say ‘hello me’!

Date: Saturday June 29th

Time: 13.30 – 17.30

Location: Hof 20, Begijnhof 20, Haarlem

Contact: Any questions call Annie 0618799180 or email

Interested? Join via this ticket link. Early bird offer available.