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Mindfulness for expats Haarlem

English spoken Mindfulness training, start Monday 28th of May

90% of our behaviour is impacted by our unconscious mind as well as by our physical wellbeing and moods. By training the mind and higher awareness you will be able generating insights in your own behavioural patterns, drivers, fears, values or beliefs. You  therefore can e.g. faster identify critical (stress)moments and interrupt them before they get out control. You will also learn to pay attention consciously on the present moment: The result is a higher focus as well as experiencing the full spectrum of a particular moment like playing with your kids, etc. (read more …) Participants Expats, Dutch and everyone with common knowledge of English is welcome to join this specific skills training which is scientifically proven to be effective. Results of an 8- weeks training cycle Better coping with stress More focused, higher concentration Better dealing with tension, restlessness and rumination. Improve complex problem-solving and decision-making Enhanced leadership Better mood regulation Enhancement of immune system / overall healthier due to stress management Higher consciousness in daily life Better life-balance and generally more happiness When: 8 times on …