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Silent Meditation Retreat in English Haarlem

Silent Meditation Retreat (guided in English), Sunday 12 June, 9.00h-13.00h.

How about unplugging yourself, slowing down and finding some rest or silence? Then you are welcome to join our mindful silent mini-retreat. WHAT IS A MINDFUL SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT ? The idea of this retreat is meditating together in stillness.During the silence you will have the opportunity better noticing your state of mind, your bodily experiences or feelings. Your brain can calm down or release of too much thinking. Also your body finds some rest or relaxation. It’s a kind of Spa treatment for your brain, as well as for your body. WHAT ARE WE DOING?During these 3.5/4 hours we practice various mindful meditation exercises in silence (e.g. yoga, sitting / breathing meditation, mindful walking, mindful listening). All exercises are guided by Alexandra Pils (who is talking for the instructions). She is a certified teacher for Mindfulness & Stress Coach. VENUEDate: 12th of June(Sunday morning): Time: 9.00 am – 12.30/13.00 pmLocation Begijnhof 20, Haarlem City CenterLanguage: EnglishGroup size: max. 8 participantsPrice: €28,- LINK TO ONLINE TICKET MORE INFORMATION